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Why Green Hits?

Our cleaner that works instantly! Because you want the most for your money without compromise. Green Hits is made from environmentally sustainable ingredients and is also biodegradable. Once you clean your tool with Green Hits you no longer have to taste the leftover stale resins and tars.

If you have any questions don’t be afraid to contact us via email or phone. We are here for our customers and would love to hear from you. Using Green Hits regularly to remove resins from just about anything except plastic**. We are in a unique category of eco-friendly cleaners making us a great compliment to your cleaning regimen. Make sure your bottle of cleaner can stand up to par, make sure it has the Green Hits label. Look for Green Hits in a smoke shop near you.


  • Green Hits can also clean nails, wax tools/dabbers, pokers, scissors, nug jars and other tools.
  • Biodegradable and safe on Glass, Metal, Ceramic and the Eco- friendly Environment.
  • NON Abrasive, Alcohol Free, and Sanitizes & Deodorizes.
  • Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, Easy to Use, Non Shake No Break Formula
  • Able to bring back that true shine and clean smell that Green Hits can bring!
  • Try our glass cleaner once, and you’ll be convinced that your pipe is cleanest with our product!
    **Not for use on plastic.